Soul Conscious Living

Simply stated, to live a Soul Conscious life, we must find our way back to our Divinity. This requires deep and profound healing at a Soul level. With our human consciousness cleared of patterns that hold us back, we can step into our Divinity with Grace. With our Soul on lead, and our Ego at peace we can consciously receive the gifts Spirit intends for us. We can live our Soul's Purpose and enjoy the pleasures of a healed human experience.

I love ceremony and ritual, and I love to create an environment for healing to change our lives and our world. Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ has given me the gifts to be more and do more for humanity. I am humbled to share your path of healing and awakening.

~ Stacia Zadra, Reiki Master Teacher
Soul Guidance & Sacred Guidance™ Licensed Practitioner

alana fairchild's soul guidance sacred mentoring

A personal Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ session is held within a Sacred space opened and held for divine protection, grace and assistance. Each session is uniquely different according to intention set within a specific template. Each of us has Guides supporting our Soul's earth journey and the loving guidance and healing support of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and enlightened beings including those of Goddess energy.

The template opened and held by Stacia is the space through which Guidance brings insight and healing. By her natural intuitive abilities and heightened skills gained from years of experience as an empathic healer, Stacia shares guidance given for the client. The mentoring and guidance provided by Stacia brings peaceful resolution to her clients while providing inspiration and new pathways for a happy and productive life.

Often, Stacia will refer a client for a session theme and a specific purpose. On other occasions, the choices are made upon an initial consultation set for a Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ session.

Stacia's intuitive skill provides a creative and meaningful setting where no two sessions are alike. Clients are encouraged to experience Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ sessions regularly for continued spiritual growth and holistic health.

"I really feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. I feel like the Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring™ Session was a pivotal point in my life. The severe and chronic pain I experienced prior to this session is gone. Thank you and much love and light." CP, Spokane

Upcoming Workshops Provided by Licensed Practitioner, Stacia Zadra, RMT

Our SGSM workshops are less interactive and more independently healing. Each participant is encouraged to self-focus and discover their divinity and connection to our Sacred Mother, the Angels and Masters who are always present and leading us home.

goddess isis sgsm

Goddess Isis
Connect with the Healing Goddess of Ancient Egypt

This workshop brings hope, healing, and renewal after a profound loss or devastating defeat. This template and the divine beings invoked is a way to lift the soul from the clutches of negativity into the presence of peaceful light, restoring hope, spiritual protection, and divine blessing of love.

You should bring a personal offering for the altar, such as a crystal, a photograph or something of that nature. Also, the ritual ceremony calls for everyone to have a head scarf, so please bring one. There will be extras at the class, in case someone needs one.

Date: January 19, 2019 - 10:00am to 4:30pm | Lunch Provided

Cost: $144.00 per person

Tuition is non-refundable within 30 days of the workshop.

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Crystal Angels 444
The Power and the Grace, the Magic and the Manifestation of the Archangels

My draw to the Angelic realm is lifelong. My relationship to these beautiful beings of light is strengthened every day through my work as an Angelic Reiki Master healer. It was natural for me to work even closer with Angels through my work as a Licensed Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ practitioner.

This is the first Crystal Angels 444 day-long workshop that I will lead, and follows a year-long journey with Ascended Master and Goddess SGSM workshops. Over the course of the past year students have gained strength and wisdom to complement the healing received in the loving environment our workshops provide. The Angels are as powerful, transcending and beautiful as the Masters I work with everyday.

As an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher and Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ practitioner, I am in daily resonance with the most sacred of guidance. I am guided now to bring the Angelic realm through in another SGSM workshop setting. The time is here for more growth, more healing and another transcendent experience set for each individual according the best and highest good intended.

Come as you are and leave as you will be in peace of heart and mind knowing you are on path with your life's purpose.

Date: February 23, 2019 - 10:00am to 4:30pm | Lunch Provided

Cost: $144.00 per person

Tuition is non-refundable within 30 days of the workshop.

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Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring™ sessions are intended to be personal, loving and Spirit-driven and created for your Soul's growth. You are welcome to call our office to discuss your specific needs. A private conversation with Stacia can be scheduled to determine an appropriate SGSM™ venue for you. Stacia can be reached at her Compass Rose office at 509-926-9803.